Monday, June 23, 2008


My eyes get red, especially after beer, a long day, too much sun, if someone is looking at my eyes when I think they are red or when someone else has red eyes. Odd, but I think that its pretty common with fair eyed people. So, I need eye drops. 고 and I went to the pharmacy and picked some up.

Again, it's blurry, but you probably saw that it was RED. That's just want I want to put in my already red eyes. Also, it's called Tinkle. It works though, still I'm not super thrilled to put red Tinkle in my eyes.


We went and saw North Korea and South Korea play last night in a somewhat meaningless qualifier to reach the next round of qualifiers that begin in September. Both countries will be moving on. The game was at World Cup stadium and was pretty dull. The beer was good.

It's awful quality and dark, but those are the unification people.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Song

To my wife...

"I love you more than ever, more than time and more than love,
I love you more than money and more than the stars above,
Love you more than madness, more than waves upon the sea,
Love you more than life itself, you mean that much to me.

Ever since you walked right in, the circle's been complete,
I've said goodbye to haunted rooms and faces in the street,
To the courtyard of the jester which is hidden from the sun,
I love you more than ever and I haven't yet begun.

You breathed on me and made my life a richer one to live,
When I was deep in poverty you taught me how to give,
Dried the tears up from my dreams and pulled me from the hole,
Quenched my thirst and satisfied the burning in my soul.

You gave me babies one, two, three, what is more, you saved my life,
Eye for eye and tooth for tooth, your love cuts like a knife,
My thoughts of you don't ever rest, they'd kill me if I lie,
I'd sacrifice the world for you and watch my senses die.

The tune that is yours and mine to play upon this earth,
We'll play it out the best we know, whatever it is worth,
What's lost is lost, we can't regain what went down in the flood,
But happiness to me is you and I love you more than blood.

It's never been my duty to remake the world at large,
Nor is it my intention to sound a battle charge,
'Cause I love you more than all of that with a love that doesn't bend,
And if there is eternity I'd love you there again.

Oh, can't you see that you were born to stand by my side
And I was born to be with you, you were born to be my bride,
You're the other half of what I am, you're the missing piece
And I love you more than ever with that love that doesn't cease.

You turn the tide on me each day and teach my eyes to see,
Just bein' next to you is a natural thing for me
And I could never let you go, no matter what goes on,
'Cause I love you more than ever now that the past is gone."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Goshen

A couple of years ago my sister used to playfully call my unshaven upper lip hair a "Goshen". The name is taken from a rural county or town in Ohio just outside of Cincinnati which would pop up on her caller ID whenever I would call. And this past winter my friends and I grew our mustaches out and again she called me "Goshen" when we spoke. Well, I found this among the stacks of useless ESL clutter in one of my schools.

Just look at this school. "Goshen College: Uncommon Education, Uncommon Success". I know there are people who have gone here and I'm sure some have gone on to do great things and blah, but I wonder if potential Goshen students thought, "Hey, maybe I do want an uncommon eduation."

Tomorrow's Decision

Tomorrow's decision by my director will greatly effect my next step in Korea. I asked to receive full-time benefits and salary for only working a few hours a day. I want this so I can work at another school in the afternoon, therefore maximizing my earnings.

The meeting this afternoon went alright. I mean, he didn't laugh me out of his office, but I certainly didn't get an "Alright, what else do you want?"

I find out tomorrow and then phase two begins or phase one starts over. Hmmm...I'm not a fan of either phase. I like phase 65: Retirement.


It's 430 and I have not had lunch yet. I'm a little tired too, but have to stay fresh for my 430 negotiation with the devil (or if it goes well, god) himself. I'm aiming high, but expecting low. It's not because the boss is that bad, but because I'm asking for what I think is the West.

We'll see. The showdown begins at high 430pm. That's the high noon of Korea.

New Gigs

I'm looking in all sorts of places for all sorts of new gigs. I have the holy F-2 visa, so I can be picky, but it is frustrating. I'm shooting for two full-time teaching jobs which isn't that bad, but getting the timing all lined up is proving to be a pain. That, on top of the fact that 고 and I will not live in a one room studio any longer.

I'm battling it and I'll win it. This has been taking away from blog time and I apologize. I'll be back in full swing soon.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Roof Top

I just had my busiest work week ever. Literally. I did my usual daily gig and then had my other hagwon job on Monday and Friday nights (I just got home) and tutoring Tuesday through Thursday. It was long. 고 worked a lot too. We're both pretty beat.

It looks like we're going to press on and go for dinner on the roof of Express Bus Terminal here in Seoul and then move either out for more or just head home. I'm willing to bet that it'll be home.

Here's the most typical song I can imagine for this evening.

Match Maker

고 and I have set my British buddy up on a blind date. The lucky lady is one of 고's new coworkers. She apparently speaks English very well and is "cute". The best part is how typical of a blind date it is. Glen's phone seems to be out of service, so they have to go back in time to before the cell phone age and rely on the old "I'll be wearing a blue shirt and black pants".

They're going to Hard Rock Cafe in Itaewon. He wants us to head out to that area in case it flops. 고 and I haven't been out there on a weekend in ages, so we'll give it a go.

I'll let you know how it goes. A flop is always more fun, but I hope it goes well.